Concrete Pools by Cemex

Construction never stops in sunny Florida especially in the tourist centric hub that is Orlando. During my recent trip to the sunshine state I found myself with some free time while my wife enjoyed a few hours at a spa. To keep myself busy I did what any sane person would do, watch construction. Early in the day I had noticed the unmistakable boom of a concrete pumper at a job site within walking distance of my hotel. I wandered over to have a look not expecting to see much. If you’ve ever been to Disney you know the construction fences are very tall and explicitly designed to hide everything from view. Thankfully this was not Disney property and only a rinky dink chain link fence stood between me and the action.

Cemex Truck

I watched as truck after¬†truck¬†from Cemex rolled in the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa with concrete for their new swimming pool complex. It wasn’t uncommon to have 7 or 8 trucks scattered around the site at any one moment. Impressive for a small town rube like myself!

Concrete Pumper

Bright sun, 70 degrees, unrestricted views. It was almost too easy.

I did a quick pan through the site to capture the visual and audio side of things.

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