Concrete Transactions

This past summer there has been some rehab work done to the concrete walkways that ring the Everson Museum of Modern Art. There was some pretty intense demo work in one section that eventually turned out to be something a little more unique. It took me awhile to put put all the pieces together but my biggest clue came when I saw the All Ways Concrete Pumping truck on the scene. A truck like this is typically overkill for pouring sidewalks. Turns out a deep vault had been constructed that will be soon filled with soil so the Tree of 4o Fruit can take root. I know you have to be wondering what that means. The Tree of 40 Fruit is a hybrid fruit tree that through a process of grafting is able to grow forty different types of stone fruit from one tree. Nearly everything from peaches and pears to cherries and almonds are expected to flourish. Due to the variety of blossoms from each fruit the tree is a vibrant explosion of colors in the spring.

Concrete Pumping Truck

A little over a month ago my wife attended a business conference that in Lake Placid, NY. Tagging along for the journey I found myself without much to do over three days so I did what any sane person would do. I sat on a bench in the beautiful weather and watched as life passed me by. If you’ve ever been to the Adirondacks you know there are only so many ways to get the various small town of the regions. State Route 86 is one of those paths and I was treated to a steady stream of trucks most of the day. I don’t where these Graymont trucks were coming from or where they were going to but they appeared like clockwork all day long.


Small town living at its best!

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