Still Working – Ford and Freightliner Dump Trucks

Here is another truck from the Lake Placid file in the form of a well maintained Ford 9000 dump truck from R. Conklin Excavating. This line of truck must have been a popular seller for Ford Heavy Trucks as they are a still fairly common find around construction sites and even a few municipalities. It makes  you wonder if Ford really thought out their decision to sell the line to Daimler.

Ford 9000

For sometime now I’ve been keeping tabs on this split window Freightliner dump truck of Binghamton Road Electric. I’ve seen it sitting in the middle of an off ramp clover for most of the summer. Many times I was tempted to take a closer look but that would have meant trespassing and trespassing is wrong. My moment finally came when the truck ventured downtown for what seems like a never end series of projects on West Street. A few days after this photo I spotted this truck again pulled over by DOT Police. D’oh!

Freightliner Dump Truck

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures of the trucks you spot around town. It’s funny that you finally got to see the split window freightliner after a summer seeing it from a distance. I would love to see a used truck like that one go up for sale one day. It looks like it still has many years of use left in it.

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