Confused Identity

A friend of mine texted be the other day asking if there were any Diamond Reos at Lexington. There were in fact many nice Diamond Reo trucks. However, I took photos of exactly two. Maybe my speech the other day about not liking to take photos on the show field was misguided. Anyway, here they are.

Here we have an early Diamond-T.

And here we have confused Diamond Reo. Or is it a White? Does it matter? At this point Diamond Reo was under the White Trucks banner and as you can see the parts commonality between the brands was a bean counters dream come true. Regardless of the name, this is one mean machine.

Below, Part 1 of 4 (?) in the series of video’s where I wander the show field looking at trucks. With a bouncy camera and heavy breathing it’s a work of art!

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2 Responses to Confused Identity

  1. Robert R Brock says:

    Your top picture is a mid 30’s Diamond T. The name Diamond REO was created by White Motor on May 1, 1967. It was only after 1960 that White mixed and matched body parts after they moved the Diamond T assembly to the REO plant in Lansing Mich.

  2. AndyinMA says:

    Thanks for slowing down at 1:15 to admire that Ford

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