What goes up. Must come down.

By now you probably know that I enjoy going to truck shows and taking photos. Back in the day it was fine to just walk up and down the line of trucks happily snapping away at everything and anyone. But after awhile I began to realize that the best places to take photos are the locations outside of the actual truck show. Once the trucks are parked next to each other and the golf carts begin to swarm like bees the chance for a good photo diminishes by half with each passing hour. It’s simple math.

When it comes to the ATHS national show one of the first things I like to do is review the show map and figure out the best vantage point for scoping rigs before they make it to the field. This usually means an entrance or an unloading zone. With the Lexington show being spread out over a few miles the opportunities were ripe for good shots. One of the best spots was a little stretch of hill that led to the official spot for show photography. As you can see it could be quite busy at times.

Usually I have to make a choice between taking a picture and filming video. Not so at Lexington. I could film as the trucks went up and photograph as they came down. This 2675 was packing an 8V92 from what I believe. Once the video is processed you will be able to pass judgement with your own ears.

Yes, even in the rain this little stretch of road churned out good photos. There is a reason why movies slick down the roads when filming. It’s like turning your amp up to 11.

Looking the other way you could enjoy the scenes of the registration and working truck parking lot. At certain points in the day you could almost believe you had traveled back in time to any big truck stop that could be found from coast to coast.

Regular program has been temporarily suspended while we enjoy coverage of Lexington 2018.

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2 Responses to What goes up. Must come down.

  1. Robert R Brock says:

    I missed you again!!! I was working that entrance to registration both Thurs and Fri afternoons. Hope to meet you in person soon.. Will be at Macungie.

    • Eric says:

      Ah! As you can see I spent much time in that area. Best section of the show if you ask me. If I make to Macungie this year it will be on Friday.

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