Connective Corridor

There’s a doings transpiring! Look at this beautiful mess, it’s the start of the Connective Corridor, a plan that will link downtown Syracuse with Syracuse University through the use of bike lanes, sidewalks, lighting, and benches.

For drivers entering the city from the west this is nothing but a big pain in the rear but for us eastsiders it’s nothing but great material this website. Currently one half of West Fayette Street does not exist. The pavement and sidewalks are gone, nothing but a trench remains that will soon receive a smooth new road.

A steady stream of dump trucks arrive with aggregate and then leave with rubble. From independent haulers to local construction giants, they are all here and working together.

Mack CL 700 Dump Truck

Please take a moment to review the painstakingly curated images found in the gallery below. Stay tuned for video and even more photos as the project continues and make sure to stop back on Monday for photos of a really nice Autocar that can haul with the best of them.

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