CSX Crane – CR 94037

Take a look at this impressive American crane belonging to rail giant CSX. I’m not sure how old this crane is but it really has a vintage look to it. The Conrail Cyclopedia┬áhas shots of it dating back to 1999 but I’m sure it has been around much longer than 14 years. To me it looks like this American just rolled out of a HO display. All the logos and colors appear to be freshly painted right down to the New York Central System badge. For those wondering this crane is capable of traveling under its own power.


CSX Mobile Crane – Click to Enlarge

When I stopped by to photograph this classic piece of equipment the wind was blowing the cables around and the rain was failing hard. Keeping to my mantra of “equipment waits for no man” I braved the weather and grabbed a few shots. They came out pretty well considering the tantrum mother nature was throwing. The next day the crane was gone.

Below is a video of a similar crane in NJ on the move.

A few more shot for your enjoyment. The first photo provides a glimpse into the cab with its impressive collection of levers and handles.

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