CSX Kenworth

I was heading down the interstate the other day when I noticed a truck with flashing lights taking the next exit. Naturally I followed it in hopes of getting a better view. This wasn’t my exit but you just never know what you will find. The truck turned out to be a CSX lettered Kenworth hauling a brush cutting tractor. CSX trucks are fairly common around this area but I have never seen a Kenworth in their fleet before. I wanted to get a better shot of this setup for you, my loyal visitor, so at the next light when the truck went straight I went left. I had a hunch that he was heading to the very same repair yard that housed the American crane from last week. My shortcut paid off and I was able to take up a position on the side of the road moments before the Kenworth approached from the opposite direction. In my excitement I forgot to select the right camera mode so the rig is a little blurry but still cool.


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The very next day on the way to work as I gazed off the overpass of a 690 I spotted this exact truck and tractor leaving the yard using the same streets as before. Feast or famine.

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