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Another notch in the belt for my wife after you spotted this interesting looking Western Star for rail giant CSX. It is difficult to tell but there is a rail bogie hanging directly underneath the cab. This truck is ready to ride the rails at a moments notice.


I’ve also included a few other CSX trucks in the gallery below including another Western Star we first saw back in May of 2012. Back then it was still new (presumably) and without its trailer. Since we are the topics of trains, what is the story with this guy?

LOSX 901 Train

I spotted this unit on the tracks outside of Minoa, NY. Google failed to provide and relevant information about the LOSX 901 abbreviation. Admittedly I didn’t try too hard to figure this out but then again I’m only a casual rail fain so I’m calling on the experts for this one.


As Robert mentioned in the comments below LOSX is the reporting mark of Locomotive Specialists Inc, a specialized reseller of switcher units. Jason sent me an email a few days with even more information. The unit in question is a 1961 EMD SW900 originally built for the Reading Rail Road. Over the decades it passed through a few different hands including Conrail before it landed in CNY working near the steel and paper mills of Solvay, NY.

Thanks for the info guys!

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  1. Robert Moore says:

    LOSX reporting marks belong to Locomotive Specialists of Morris , Ill. They deal in industrial locomotives and their repair.

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