Deliberate Demolition

The demolition of the Brennan Motor Co. buildings have plodded along a deliberate pace. For weeks all the work was done by a Komatsu PC300LC with grapple attachment. I would stop down on my lunch breaks to watch the machine as it sat empty. Activity would usually resume the moment I walked away. Eventually I got tired of this cat and mouse game and stopped by early in the morning and was able to catch a few minutes of activity.

For the final phase of the demolition the Komatsu was short on reach so a Cat 322CL was brought in with a long stick. For the longest time the machine did little more than idle in the corner of the job site.

Earlier in the week a few test holes were punched into the roof line and after some rubble was rearranged as working pad the long reach was let loose.

All good things must come to end. So long old brick building, we hardly knew you.

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