Dig. Scrape. Drag.

I’m getting close to wrapping up the coverage of the HECA national meet but before we do let’s take a moment to enjoy some of the scapers, draglines, and graders. There were plenty of shovels in operation at this event but I have surprisingly little evidence of them due to my battery woes. Plus every time I went to shoot footage they would stop! Despite my poor timeing I did manage to grab a few moments of a Bay City shovel clunking around. It was interesting to watch. Basically to lower the boom you just let gravity take it to the earth. The Northwest 25-D dragline was very active and filled a variety of dump trucks over the course of the day.

As the final day of the meet started to wind down participants began to smooth over some of their work from earlier in the weekend. This Caterpillar 14D was helping to clean up the rough spots. I zoned out at one point during the video and let the Cat fall out of frame but the rest of it still fun.

Tomorrow coverage wraps up with a variety of random stuff from steam engines, campers and the trucks that haul all this wonderful iron to the show.

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