Dodge Bighorns and PowerWagons

Dodge Bighorns, something of rarity nowadays. The story is quite different when it comes to ATHS shows. They almost become common place and easily ignored. Nah, not really. Fans of Dodge big rigs, this video is for you.

Is it possible that I’ve also become jaded by the sight of Brockway trucks? I guess I’m spoiled with Huskie Town USA and their annual Brockway celebration just a short 30 minute drive from my front door. I don’t think I’ve even posted a single shot of the Brockways seen at the show yet. Shameful. Here is a video to make amends.

As I mentioned before I had three “choke points” at the show that I bounced between thanks to a rented golf cart. Walking is for suckers. Below are some shots from the registration line, photo area and unloading zone.

Harley Davidson International Lonestar

The red and white LoneStar was used by Ice Road Trucker Alex Debogorski to give rides around the truck. I got him to beep the horn at me during one pass. I am now famous by extension! Another interesting note, the black and white Peterbilt apparently was a test rig for Mobil Delvac and was used by Stewart Haas Racing.

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2 Responses to Dodge Bighorns and PowerWagons

  1. Jerry Sharp says:

    Hey, you missed the Big Horn tandem axle mini truck. 🙂 Not really a Big Horn, but very neat and well done. Cutting down the BH hood must have been a ton of work.

    Thanks for all the pics!!!!!!!!
    Jerry Sharp

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