Autocar Mondays – Generations

Autocar trucks were well represented at the ATHS show in York, PA. A fitting testament to the state that was home to Autocar factories for a number of decades. I was happy to see that the somewhat elusive AT64F model could be found in droves with the majority used to haul more trucks to the show. Look at this beautiful setup.

Autocar AT64F

And then there were true survivor trucks like this 1950 C-50. You almost want to leave this one as is.

C-50 Autocar Truck

And it just wouldn’t be a truck show without a DC model on hand, or two, or three, or a dozen.

Autocar DC truck

And many more! And more to come in following Mondays!

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  1. denver sharp says:

    Thanks for showing my Autocar! It is the blue one in the slide show with 225 on the hood. She’s not perfect, but a lot of fun to drive! It is a 1976 s64tf, 290 small cam formula with an rto 12513, eaton 402’s with 4:33 on freightliner airride.

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