ebay Finds – 1990 AM General

Checking out the military vehicle page on ebay it’s not uncommon to come across used transport trucks like this AM General. Most are straight out of the service with numerous battle scars. Others have been completely restored, bobbed, and placed on Big Foot size rubber. So if you want to make your truck stand out of from the crowd of other retired rigs you have to do something a little…radical.

You know you’ve found a listing worth while when the tag line reads “You’ll be that crazy guy in the neighborhood everyone talks about”. Sounds like big shoes to fill but this truck has the guts to pull it off. If you are one of those who felt the original M35A2 didn’t look tough enough your truck has arrived. The current owner has combined the brutish good looks of the Hummvee with a massive chunk of steel large to take out any Prius that dares to cut you off. Don’t forget the custom chrome stacks that shoot flames. Yes, flames. After all, you need something to match the 50 Cal machine guns built into each fender. Despite all the attention grabbers this truck has not been slapped together. New gauges, paint, rubber and canvas make up a truck that is basically brand new.

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