ebay Finds – 1993 White AWD Behemoth

The Cave of Wonders, otherwise known as ebay, has released another jewel for discerning buyers in the form of this 1993 White complete with Marmon Herrington AWD conversion. It may come as no surprise that this truck was housed on an U.S. Air Force base where it was babied and kept indoors as a backup unit to an even larger hauler. According the seller this truck will cruise down the road at 70 MPH just like a Cadillac thanks to a 300HP Cummins engine. Only 12K miles on the odometer with no damage and a smoke free cab. Lack of use is the main reason the owner is looking to sell.


Maybe I should think about grabbing this one. After all, my name is already painted on the side! Nothing left to do but go find something to haul. Hurry, just one day left! Check out the full listing here.

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2 Responses to ebay Finds – 1993 White AWD Behemoth

  1. BobSaget says:

    So sick, you should buy this Eric, it has your name on it!

  2. Randy Purtteman says:

    I must have been asleep at the switch on this one. I’ve been looking for a White like this one for years (never were many of the set forward axle ones produced) and 4wd to boot. Would be a great basis for an awesome recovery truck. Don’t suppose anyone knows what happened to it?

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