Ebay Finds – GMC General Crew Cab

I almost scrolled right pass this gem while browsing ebay a few hours ago. At first glance I thought it was another “bro truck” lifted, chromed, and stacked for pointless reasons but then I noticed that rear cab. This my friends is a GMC General crew cab. You won’t find another rig like this and anyone you pass on the street will either love it or hate it. Such is the rat rod paradox.


Clearly a work of passion you will notice that two General cabs have been fused together. Super singles ride under a 2014 GMC Sierra dually pickup bed. A Detroit Diesel Silver 92 lurks under the hood blowing black from 12 inch stacks. A 13 speed transmission handles the over 500HP generated while you cruise in a custom leather upholstered cab. Marble vinyl floor, drop down TV’s, old school round headlights, toolboxes and more. WOW! Like I said, you either love it or hate. Despite Generals becoming increasingly rare and quality parts hard to find I’m leaning more to the love it side of the spectrum. No matter what you think it would be a fun ride for the summer.

Below is a walk around video of the truck provided by the seller

Starting bid is a steep 17,900 and with two days left on the auction there has yet to be one taker. Check out the official auction by clicking here.

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  1. Curt says:

    Any idea where it can be found now

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