Still Working – Mack Superliner

I had to travel to Watertown, NY the other day to fix a problem that couldn’t be fixed. Needless to say the entire trip was pointless and left me in a bad mood but when I saw this first generation Mack Superliner sitting at a hydraulics shop just outside of Adams, NY my outlook improved just a tiny bit. Owned and operated by Butterville Farms, Inc this Mack is in great shape. Farm living is the life for me! I’m unsure of specs but browsing through the Superliners on it seems that a variety of engine options were available including Cummins, Detroit and of course, Mack.

Mack Superliner Dump Truck

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  1. ron says:

    I used to drive that truck. Its got a 400 cummins in it. I drove it when they rebuilt arsenal st/Rt3 in watertown. Worked 12 hours every night and loaded heavy. The ole truck never skipped a beat. Then in the morning the guy that drove during the day would take it and work all day!!

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