eBay Finds: Mack, International and Autocar

eBay, it allows you to treasure hunt from the comfort of your home.  Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer to be out digging through the junkyards or cruising the back roads looking for old trucks but a FT job and the price of gas make it difficult.  Today I bring you some of the more interesting finds from the commercial trucks listings of eBay Motors.  Click on the truck title to view the actual listing.


Like most old vehicles this Mack ran when parked.  The owner believes it be of the 50’s and based on the looks and styling I would agree.  Under the very long hood a diesel occupies every inch of usable space.  The seller will place fresh batteries placed in it to make sure it still runs before the acceptance of final payment.  This truck appears to be in great shape considering the work it has seen in the past century.

1958 International R-200

You can have this old Binder for just 2,250 USD.  What do you get?  How about a Detroit Diesel 6V71 (two people claim it to be a 6V53) with an Allison automatic.  Not to shabby for a truck from ’58 and probably a unique combination.  Plus that huge passenger side air cleaner is just awesome.

1958 Autocar

Finally, we have a real piece of American history.  The seller claims this Cummins powered Autocar was used to haul minutemen ballistic missiles for the Air Force.  Now it just hauls a rather large stump grinder.  A smarter person can probably find some clever irony from this setup.  The dash apparently has a plaque with instructions on what to do should certain warning lights relating to the missile activate.  No picture is included but the actions run, pray, and cry come to mind.  This truck is in near perfect shape and really setup to haul some heavy loads.  A unique find.

Get your bid on!

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