ebay Finds – Oshkosh K2358

My dad tipped me of to this listing the other day and I’m glad he did. For those of you looking for rare and unique ride this is your ‘Kosh. Listed as a 1986 K2358 model this monster comes equipped with a 6 speed automatic and a Cummins KTA19-600 diesel engine, we’re talking 600 H.P. here people. With a leather interior and a sleeper berth you will stand out at all the classic truck shows and just about anywhere you travel. The cab and grill style of this truck remind me a Freightliner Powerliner on steroids. The seller states this truck was one of just a few built for Boeing and used to haul Peacekeeper missiles which is most likely a true story. A quick Google search reveals very little information on this model with only a few other trucks recently showing up at various government auction websites. The City of Houston surplused a K2358 just last year from their public works department. I wonder how they move their municipal nuclear weapons now? Past auctions of this model have ended north of 14,000 which puts the sellers Buy It Now price of 15k firmly in the land of reason. Located in Maryland this Oshkosh is rare find for us east coast dwellers so bid early and often if you want this rig to be yours! Check out the complete listing here.


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  1. econobiker says:

    So cool and industrial.
    That grill is truly a grill with little thought to design.

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