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I’ve often wondered, sometimes on this site, if I’m doing myself and future truck fans a disservice but not taking photographs of the trucks gracing our roads. I’ll admit that most are pretty bland and unremarkable with a lack of nameplate variety but that isn’t to say that you cant find ¬†a few lookers out there. I liked the looks of this Laidlaw International ProStar parked at a rest stop along the thruway. Tribal strips and lines down the trailer. It sure stands out in a world of white Walmart Freightliners.

Laidlaw International Prostar

Speaking of Freightliners, this Roehl midroof Cascadia had its own charm.

Freightliner Cascadia

And speaking of charm, patriotic charm that is, a Werner Peterbilt providing dedicated services for Family Dollar.

Werner Kenworth

Maybe my eyes have been opened to a whole new class of trucks?


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