Ford L8000 Well Driller

This truck has been on my watch list for a number off years now. It usually is parked nose first against the building which to be honest would make for a boring shot. Each time I see one of these old Fords I wonder why they ever got out of the heavy truck business. Seems short sighted to me.

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  1. George Stringam says:

    I often wonder why Ford got out of the heavy truck business myself. It was a major milestone to bring out the Louisville models in 1970 and Ford never looked back for many years. I worked on a lot of L/LN-models which were OK although the LN models could get rather cramped. They were followed by the LTL and the Aeromax; all good trucks IMHO. Then one day, they (the trucks) were Sterling, then who knows? The old saying: “good things never last,” sure rings true.

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