Freightliner 114SD Roll Off Truck

Yesterday I caught this new Freightliner 114SD of Riccelli Trucking as it dropped a dumpster off at job site. I’ve seen similar unlettered trucks sitting at the local Freightliner dealer for a few weeks now and always suspected, based on the red color, that they would end up in Riccelli hands. Suspicions confirmed.

Freigthliner 114SD Roll Off Truck

I watched as the driver dropped the bin and then left for his next pickup. I wandered off to the other side of downtown when I spotted him again a few minutes later picking up a dumpster from the Hotel Syracuse renovation.

Riccelli Trucking

You can see a demolition chute hanging in the background that feeds a steady stream of debris to waiting dumpsters. Often times I expected to see massive boulders come flying out based on the sound but instead only witnessed a few chucks of plaster or scrap lumber. Seems like a fun way to get out of the building in a hurry.

It’s possible this 114SD replaced a truck like this awesome yet smokey old Mack.

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3 Responses to Freightliner 114SD Roll Off Truck

  1. Zack says:

    That cab would look great as a fire truck. And it’s already painted red. 😀

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