Great Orme Vintage Vehicle Run 2013

Somewhere in the United Kingdom my doppelganger exists and is producing videos of a similar nature of the trucks shows I enjoy covering and sharing with you. This mystery videographer even has the same problem with people walking in front of his camera at the most inopportune moments. The struggle is universal. Watching the trucks roll on by I realized how little I know of British truck history. Sure, names like Folden and Leyland are familiar but ERF? That was a new one for me. If you’re a bus fan you particularly enjoy some of the fully loaded coaches making their way up the twisting mountain road. They certainly are different from anything I’ve seen before.

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  1. John says:

    What up with the truck that looks like it has a railroad car stuck on its back, you think maybe the manufacture also makes rail cars?


    If I Remember Right and if Anyone Remembers them. Dinky Toys Made Models of ERF Trucks.

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