Highway Thru Hell Season 3

Highway Thru Hell, my favorite Canadian export, is set to return to The Weather Channel this Sunday, December 7th. This season the Jamie Davis crew will be split between two locations with Adam heading to Alberta and Jamie staying on the Coquihalla. Double the locations double the wrecks! To wet your appetite here is the season three trailer. It looks like Al Quiring may play a larger roll in the show this year? And what about the day cab wrecker shown in the final shot. I can’t make out the make or model.

Despite my excitement I have a bone to pick. I know the Weather Channel exists to broadcast weather but last season the show was preempted so many times to discuss, often in painful detail, winter storms across the continental U.S. that the entire season stretched until March. Nothing like firing up the DVR only to find out you have an hour of people discussing Sheboygan Wisconsin snowfall. Let’s hope for calm weather on Sunday and Monday nights.

Highway Thu Hell Season 3 premieres in the U.S. Sunday December 7th at 10pm EST.

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