Huber F-1500 Motor Grader

Now here is a model you don’t see everyday, a Huber F-1500 Motor Grader.

Huber F1500 Motor Grader

This machine hails from the Huber Machinery Co of Marion, Ohio. Like so many heavy equipment builders the development of agriculture equipment proved to be the genesis of the company. In Huber’s case it was a wooden hay rake and threshing machine. Based on the model number this grader probably falls into the 1975-1980 time span of production which makes it very close to the end of the company’s life.

Huber F-1500 Motor Grader

This example of a F-1500 is currently in residence at the Broome County Fairgrounds.

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    por favor desearia saber donde se encuentra el n. de chasis y bastidor mi nombre es Juan Luis y soy conductor de una huber f1500 pero no encuentro los numeros muchas gracias un saludo

  2. Abuobida says:

    this type of machinery renewable or not ?, i have 1 in Sudan capital khartoum ,
    Renewal cost

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