I Have Seen All The Trucks

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago today I was busy getting ready for the ATHS National Show in Des Moines, Iowa and now it’s over. Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun.

The ATHS set a new personal record by jamming over 1200 trucks into the fairgrounds. They also attempted a world a record of the most simultaneous diesel engine starts and most truck air horns blowing at the same time. The later was called off for fear of upsetting horses that were also on the property but the other was a success. With so many trucks on hand it was not possible to see them all unless you were one of the volunteers that helped with parking and even then one or two could still sneak in when not watching closely. With so much to see I put together a drive by of the show from early Saturday morning when peak truck was reached. I would estimate about 90% of the trucks at the show were captured in this video but there were a few spots that a golf cart couldn’t go that somehow were parking spots for big trucks. Fortune favors the bold.

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  1. Mike DeWater says:

    Damn. Never seen so many classice trucks in my life. Great video, thanks!

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