Mack M45SX Prime Mover

Yesterday when arriving at the ATHS National Truck show my eyes immediately settled on this Mack M45SX prime mover. It was parked at the edge of the unloading zone and being my jaded and skeptical self I assumed it would never be moved again until it was time to bring it home. As usual I was wrong. After wandering around for a bit I came back to the unloading zone to find that the Mack had been moved and was in a line of trucks waiting for the gates to open the following morning. Guess who at the fairgrounds bright and earlier with one goal on his mind? This guy.

I actually milled around this truck for nearly a hour waiting for it to be fired up. To sweeten the deal not only is this truck Detroit powered its 16V71 powered. Oh yeah, air start too! Can you ask for anything more? For decades this truck hauled electrical transformers, nuclear power plant parts and pieces of aircraft carriers. It once made a run from Boston, MA to Erie, PA and averaged 22MPH empty on the return trip. This truck was never a trailer queen and always drove under its own power to a job. Too cool.

And this is why I go like to go to the national show. There is always something unique to bee seen.

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  1. James E Nigro says:

    Check out “Arctic convoy with giant Mack trucks” on YouTube.VERY cool!

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