International Loadstar Drill Rig

Just past the Brockway Truck Museum is a Cortland County Highway Department garage. Despite being tucked down a side road I was able to catch a glimpse of this rig parked near the front gate. On my way to the National Brockway Truck Show I didn’t have enough time to stop so I made a mental note to return after the show was over for a closer inspection. To my pleasent surprise I found an AWD International Loadstar owned by Silverline Construction. I think this truck fits the bill perfectly for the Still Working portion of this website. After spending a sweltering day on main street and trying to avoid a massive storm I didn’t take a close look at the details but it’s a safe bet that a gas power plant can be found under the hood. I like the look of the six spoke wheels and the single tires out back. It projects a capable presence without overcompensating. What do you think?

International Loadstar

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  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    A great example of a hard working truck. A 70’s real offroader. The rig on the back is a guiderail post driver. Most of the units that you see today are 2WD. They normally never leave the pavement.

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