Milling and Chilling

Phew, that was close. An entire road construction season almost passed by before I got chance to see any milling action take place. I didn’t have to travel far for this job as the road under construction is the main street that cuts through my small part of the world.

Roadtec RX900 Suit Kote

Running east to west, RT 290 on fall morning is a horrible place to take photos but a few came out fine. Obligatory International truck shot.

Road Milling

The Suit-Kote crew running this job made it look easy. The road was milled, swept, oiled and paved with little to no delay between each transition. An old Ford L9000 was running point as tanker truck for the miller. There was no mistaking the power plant under the hood thanks to missing internal fenders that provided an easy glimpse of a bright yellow Cat.

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