IRT Season 5 – Episode Ten

For Lisa it appears she may be heading back to the heavy or at least mor challenging loads.  This week she is tasked with move 90 feet of long pipe to Prudhoe.  From bumper to bumper her rig will be 100 feet long.  WOW!  I can’t imagine pulling such a load on normal streets much less the Dalton Highway.  This load will be a huge challenge for Lisa and requires the help of pilot car.  All is well until the trailer begins tracking outside the path of the truck.  Lisa is at a loss on how to prevent this.  She pulls over and attempts to loosen the load and move the dolly but has no success.  Lisa continues on her way forced to listen to each southbound truckers CB comments about her wayward trailer.  Arriving at Cold Foot Lisa enlists the help of other drivers.  Chaining her dolly to another truck and loosing the load she pulls forward and corrects the problem.  She is pessimistic about the fix holding but forges on.  One hundred miles from her destination she receives an urgent radio call from a trucker behind.  He tells her to pull over immediately as a complete set of duals from her trailer have gone missing.  This statement is beyond the comprehension of Lisa.  Unbelievably she has lost a rear set of wheels from her trailer.  She speculates the oddly tracking trailer from earlier in the day is to blame.  With the help of fellow drivers she chains up the rear axles and crawls on to Prudhoe Bay.  Insane!

Our old buddy Dave is on his way south with a return load of scrap metal.  You may recall that he ditched his convoy partners of Maya and Dave because they moved to slow.  In the process he nabbed the final back haul to Anchorage.  He incessantly gloats over this perceived victory.  Karma soon comes into play as Dave begins to experience trouble with his truck.  It appears the truck is only drawing from one fuel tank causing the engine to stall when the one tank empties.  Dave is forced to manually transfer fuel from one tank to another by cranking a pump located under the hood.  This takes an hour of enduring brutal temps before enough fuel is transferred.  Of course Dave is livid but who can blame him.  Returning to the depot he is ready to tear into someone but the tables are turned when the dispatcher questions him on why he left the convoy.  Dave plays dumb and insists he didn’t know he had to stay with Maya and Tony.  No one is impressed with this answer and Dave is sidelined for the next two days.  He worries about his potential job prospects in the coming week.  I almost feel bad for Dave as he obviously takes pride in his work and is now clearly shaken up by the decision of upper management.

By the way, Maya and Dave are able to secure abandoned loads just outside of Prudhoe bay and make the quick return run to catch up on the load count so all that noise about getting an extra back haul was just that, noise.

Meanwhile Rick and Hugh attempt to do their best WRC impressions with big rigs on the frozen back roads of Canada.  The loads are once again giant fuel tanks.  Everyone seems to be in good spirits are there are only a few close calls with head on collisions.

Alex was a now show in last weeks episode but makes a brief appearance this week when he side swipes the Tahoe/Yukon used by his camera crew.  No one is worse for wear.

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