Journey Along the Alcan and More

As we saw a few days ago David recently spent some cruising across the country eventually heading up through Canada to Alaska. Along the way he came across some very neat vehicles like this Kenworth wrecker AKA The Heavy Hooker. This vintage machine was found sitting alongside the most recent Autocar Mondays candidate. Little is know about either truck other than they have a coolness factor of 10.


Heading down the Alcan Highway road crews were making the most of their short construction season.

Alcan Highway

Back in the lower oil fields of Saskatchewan pipeline crews never have an excuse to miss work due to weather or bad roads.

4x4 School Bus

Another 4×4 powered vehicle in the form of this old Ford. Are you detecting a pattern? Northern climates are fun to live in!

Ford Tow Truck

Great photos from what appears to be an amazing trip. One more very unique vehicle is on the way. Stay tuned.

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