At the Dealer – Spring/Summer 2015

I haven’t done a genuine at the dealer post in months so let us dust off yet another old chestnut of Daily Diesel Dose. The focus today? Freightliners and Western Stars. They are taking over the world.

Most new trucks arrive at dealer lots on the back of another new rig. In this case we have a new Cascadia pulling a Western Star 4700 with two more single axle Cascadias out back.

Freigthliner Cascadia

The new 5700XE is just about to start hitting the streets in noticeable numbers. The only ones I’ve seen on the road so far have been used to pull new inventory to dealers. I can think of a few local companies that would look good in this red.

Western Star 5700XE

I’m not sure how new (if at all) this Coronado SD is but it looks bad ass so I’ll allow it.

Freightliner Coronado SD

In the gallery below you’ll find some new 122 SD’s, another Coronado in dump truck form, some 4700’s fresh off the truck (almost) along with a few other 4700’s of various shapes and sizes.

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