Killdozer – The D9 From Hell

*Read in voice of Rod Serling* Picture if you will a remote pacific island. The sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation are a veritable paradise on earth. The crew of Warburton Oil Resources Company are used to such exotic locales, for them it is just another job. They are the masters or large machines used to mold the earth to the whims and demands of men. Little do these modern day roughnecks now that a force from beyond the stars is set to challenge the status quo, the slave will becomes the master.

To keep with the spirit of the day I submit the following 70’s cult movie for your consideration, Killdozer.  The story is a simple one.  A construction crew on a pacific island (or coast of Africa) are terrorized by an alien possesed Caterpillar D9 dozer. Yes, it seems like a movie perfect for the Myster Science Theater 3000 crew. But for the lovers of heavy equipment there is much to enjoy. To begin, the mechanical star of the movie is a Caterpillar D8 bulldozer. There is no shortage of gear shifting, smoke stack belching, track grinding mayhem. The supporting cast of equipment is extensive as well. A large caterpillar scraper, old Jeeps and Ford pickups, and on old Power Shovel that does battle with the D9. In all honesty, the acting really is quite good. Take a look.

Warning, the following clip is the end of the movie!

Happy Halloween!

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2 Responses to Killdozer – The D9 From Hell

  1. nick says:

    Get the hell out! I was tempted to go get a bag of pot when I saw this one.They should somehow hook it up with SpongeBob. But really everybody knows you can’t kill a D9.LMAO!


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