Lost and Found – GMC 8500

I stumbled upon this GMC 8500 a few months back and forgot about it…until now.  Like most trucks in the Lost and Found category it has seen better days.  Some where along the line the 8500’s grill went missing and a fair amount of surface rust set in.  As for the model year I would guess mid to late 60’s.  For the engine, probably a large gas job(V6 emblem on hood)but if you know better please let me know.

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Doug over Hanks Truck Forum informs us that this truck was most likely powered by a GM Toro-Flow which was a converted V-6 gas engine.

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3 Responses to Lost and Found – GMC 8500

  1. Dan says:

    You can’t only show us half of the other truck!

    What is it? An old Mercedes or Unimog? Looks interesting

  2. Joe says:

    This is an early model of these GMC short hoods. Clues are the white steering wheel, cowl-mounted turn signals & model emblem, and the engine badge on the hood. Definitely a 1966 or ’67. I would guess this has a 478 V-6 gas if it is an 8500 of this vintage. Doesn’t look like a Toro-Flow emblem to me.

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