Koehring 266 Excavator

Check this out. It’s a Koehring 266 excavator for CSX. Do I win the monthly MOW equipment tourney for most odd ball piece of equipment? My best estimate for the age of this machine is at least 3o years which makes it nothing short of amazing that CSX still has this piece of equipment in their fleet. Through depreciation alone you would have thought this old digger would have been sold off long ago. But then again railroads do have the the reputation as being stingy when it comes to equipment.

Like any other piece of equipment that has to do with rails it has been visited by the graffiti masters.

I know very little about Koehring machines but based on the more modern styling of this unit it has to represent some of the final years of production. It almost seems of this age which is saying something as most Kring machines seem positively ancient with straight lines, boxy counterweights and and sharply angled cabs.

Nice old machine. Drop a line if you have know more.

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