Let’s hear it for the Autocar Trucks!

This past weekend was the 22nd ATHS Hudson Mohwak truck show in Ballston Spa, NY. If you remember the coverage of past years you will know this show always has a great contingent of trucks on hand. The Hudson Mohawk chapter has some serious collectors who are absolutely nuts about trucks. International, Brockways, and Macks seem to be the preferred brands with a healthy mix of Autocars, Kenworths, and Peterbilts thrown in for good measure. It’s a recipe for a great show. That being said, the Autocar turn out was huge this year. One of the stand out models for me was the All Wheel Drive Autocar DK tow truck. It seems to be a near match this Syracuse DPW model. The collection of heavy haul Autocar DC trucks (plus one B-Model Mack) from John Mullins Rigging and Hauling were equally impressive. I’ll let the photos below do the talking from this point on.


What? You thought there would be no video? Check out this great collection of Brockways and one massive Kenworth. If you are familiar with my YouTube videos you’ll know that this truck is packing a Detroit 12V71. It’s loud. It’s smokes. It leaves a trail of destruction in  its wake.


Did you notice that sweet Brockway tow truck at the start of the video? The owner kindly offered me a chance to drive it on to the show field but I went stupid and turned him down. I expect many sleepless nights from that decision. OH WELL! There is much more to come from this show in the following days.

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  1. 104trucker says:

    Awesome video!!! Hey look theres me!! lol

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