Long Time Coming

Here is a shot I’ve been chasing for a number of years, a New York Susquehanna and Western train as it winds through downtown Syracuse, NY.

Not being a regular train spotter I relied on dumb luck to grab this photo. No scanners or other networks for me. Past experience had taught me that NYSW trains seemed to make regular appearances on this set of track near the 12:30 mark three or four times a week. Some days I would see nothing. Other days I would be too early or too late. With trains running on an elevated set of tracks there are only a few angles from the streets worth trying for which greatly reduced my changes. Sorry, I’m not bushwhacking through the weeds and homeless encampments for the money shot. Too make a long story short I was lured to this spot by the sound of an idling diesel and the hiss of air brakes. The crew of this train was waiting for a single to clear which provided ample opportunity  for a photo. The shot that I had lazily pursued for a number of years had finally presented itself on a golden set of tracks.

Seen here, 3802, 3800, 2806, EMD SD60 models.

NYSW Train Armory Square

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