Lost and Found – Double Shot

There is a very good chance that both trucks featured today in the Lost and Found category are still working. They might still work but take really long breaks between each job. This GMC took up residence int the weeds previously occupied by a late mode Cat excavator. The excavator sat so long, nearly a year, that someone actually came and place plywood over the glass to prevent damage from vandals. Shortly after the wood upgrades itĀ disappeared.

GMC Bucket Truck

This old Mack was seen on a farm outside of Lyons, NY. There is a good chance that if you were to swing by the farm now you would find it at work helping with the harvest.

Mack Truck

Or maybe not.

Old Mack Truck

Have you come across and old truck or piece of equipment that has been abandoned to mother nature? Share to eric@dailydieseldose.com.

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