Lost and Found – International Plow Truck

Now this is a rare truck. I happened upon this International R-190 hiding behind a former International dealer near Amsterdam, NY. Most plow trucks of this vintage hit the scrap pile years ago or simply rusted away into oblivion. This truck wore the All-Wheel drive badge which may have been a factory option at the time.  Click the picture below for a larger version.

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2 Responses to Lost and Found – International Plow Truck

  1. Brocky says:

    By what little of the front hub I can see it is a Coleman conversion which was usually done in a Howe-Coleman shop, or possibly the factory, when the truck was new.

  2. Years ago I used to drive an R-190 all wheel drive fire truck. It had a huge 6cyl gasoline engine and a 5 speed crash box. Even though it was all wheel drive it had manual steering! It was the toughest truck to steer that I’ve ever driven. They are classics though.

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