Lowboys Make it Happen

Ah yes, more footage from York, PA. I feel this video is a good representation of the change in preference when it comes to companies that haul trucks and heavy equipment for a living. Below you’ll see a fleet of rigs from Blair Corporation of Ivyland, PA. You’ll notice that all the active haulers are late model Peterbilts while the trucks being towed or mostly Mack Superliners and B-Models. Stop and think about it. The last time you saw a piece of machinery heading down the highway what truck was doing the hauling? Most likely a Peterbilt or Kenworth. In recent years these two brands have become the default rig to buy when specing a heavy haul truck. Now, there is nothing wrong with these trucks but it makes me wonder what happened to bring about the change in preference? A new generation? Lack of options in engines or transmissions from Mack? Anything I can suggest is purely anecdotal based of three minutes of video footage but it’s fun to speculate.

The video gets off to a rough start with some aggressive golf cart drivers but smooths out toward the end with some nice Detroit Diesel action. Trucks seen from Blair Corporation and A.H. Cornell & Son.

Trucks in order of appearance.

  • 2015 Peterbilt 389 hauling a 1928 Mack AC and a 1965 Mack B-61.
  • 2015 389 Peterbilt hauling a 1991 Mack Superliner.
  • 2004 Peterbilt 379 hauling a 1947 Mack EQX.
  • 2001 Peterbilt 379 hauling a 1985 Mack Superliner.
  • 1978 International 4370 hauling a 1974 Mack R-Model.

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