At the Dealer – Cats and Stars

Too much chrome? No one is going to say that about this CT681.  And what about those aluminium rims? You could make a great deep dish pizza in one of those. Can you tell I have no interesting facts to go along with this photo?

Cat CT681

If there was a 680 in the line the trifecta would have been complete.

Caterpillar Trucks

I know a little more about these three Western Stars. They have a future home in the stable of Terpening Trucking, a regional fuel company that delivers over 1 million gallons a day! Back in the golden years Terpening was a large user of Brockway trucks, a few of which you can see when you visit their website.

Western Star 5700XE

So how did I learn about the the proud new owner of these trucks? It’s easy when there is a fourth already lettered up and sitting in the service line.

Terpening Trucking

The factory delivery sticker hanging in the window also helped. 😉

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  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    It is interesting to note that the new W-Star has chrome tube bumper added over the front of the factory front end. I imagine the reason is that what looks like a bumper is not one. And is in fact just a cover with no steel under the paint and chrome.

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