MATS 2013

So now that the Mid American Trucking Show has come and gone I figure it’s about time for me to condense the new product information for you reading pleasure. Better late than never right?


Peterbilt pulled back the wraps on their new Model 567. A truck aimed at the heart of the vocational buyer. Think dump trucks and day cab heavy hauling. The new 567 features a slopped hood, one piece windshield, and an aluminium cab. I’m up in the air on the looks. The long hood looks weird in the computer renditions but a little better in the video below.



Kenworth sent waves through the faithful when the new T-880 hit the stage at MATS. Some love it. Some hate it. Personally I find this design more appealing than the 567.


Kenworth T-880











Remember Volvo? Yeah, they had a new truck at MATS. The VNX, A heavy haul model for those that need to pull around 225,000 lbs or more. Trucking info has a great article on the new model as well as some other Volvo centric information this link. If your prefer, you can watch a video of the new VNX below.



Freightliner rolled out the 122SD, the truck destined to replaced the Coronado SD. Similar to the VXN this new offering from Freightliner is aimed at the long distance heavy hauler. More info can be found by visiting the Freightliner page located here.


Image from Freightliner Facebook page.


International brought a funky looking ProStar by the name of “Project Horizon”. Jammed full of new technology and some interesting body work this rig represents a look at the future that is closer than you think.

Clearly truck builders see an opportunity for growth in the serve service\heavy haul categories. The rebounding home construction market and the always vibrant energy sector probably have much to do with the current onslaught of heavy duty models.

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