Still Working – Military Style Wrecker

The tow trucks of Madison County

Here is a military style wrecker that is now leading a quite civilian life as show truck for the Madison County Highway Department.  This truck is immaculate.  You could eat of the frame.  Not a single scratch or dent in sight.  I’m betting this truck looks better now than it did moments after leaving the factory floor.

In the military universe this truck is most likely a M35A2.  The manufacturer could be anyone from Kaiser, AM General, Jeep or Mack.  The American Government handed out contracts to a variety of truck builders over the years.  Numerous U.S. allies used the M35A2 in their armed forces and the truck is still in production today.  The engine and drive train choices varied greatly over the years.  Some varients could run on a variety of fuel sources.  Gas, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, heating oil.  Whatever was available.

Do you know of an old truck or piece of heavy equipment that is still earning it’s keep? Email Me!

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