National Grid Truck Bingo – Storm Edition

A new round of National Grid Truck bingo was forced upon me today as my section of the world recovers from a very nasty storm that left took down numerous trees and power lines leaving thousands in the dark. Not satisfied to just bring down a few wires mother nature smashed entire poles obliterating transformers and substations alike. Enter this rolling thingamjig that hopefully will help restore the modern world we have come to love and know.


Wandering around after the storm I snapped a few photos. With each block further east I traveled the damage became worse and worse with the epicenter appearing right around the heart of the village. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do with down wires at every corner and large broken branches just waiting to fall but I survived.

The cleanup from this one will be going on for many, many weeks. For full details check out this story.

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