Volkswagen to bid on Paccar?

Over the past decade Volkswagen has been on a mission to become the world largest producer of automobiles and commercial vehicles. By increasing market share through the introduction of new products and the purchasing of existing companies VW has managed to reach the number two global spot in terms of annual vehicle production. Currently a large builder of commercial vehicles in Europe with their own brand along with Scania and MAN it has long been rumored that the sights of Volkswagen would soon settle on North American soil. The only question is how. Of all the name brands in the profile none have a significant presence in the United States leading many industry experts to concluded that a partnership or buyout of existing company would be the natural path. For a period of time that looked to be Navistar, the builder of International trucks and buses, especially with the weakened stock price brought on by the disastrous EGR blunder. The rumor mill now believes International is out in favor of Paccar, builder of Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. Wolfgang Bernhard, leader of Daimler Trucks, told reporters that he had learned through multiple sources that VW was planning to place on bid on Paccar for 2015, a plan quickly dismissed by Volkswagen as complete rubbish. After the dust settled VW shares had fallen 1.4 percent for the day. Bernhard is either causing trouble for his major rival or a plan is really in the works. What a strike at the heart of the American truck building industry that would be. You can read the full account by clicking here.

In the meanwhile, I may have uncovered the true plan of VW that involves more devious measures. Check out this 1993 “International 9600”. Notice anything strange?


I believe that time travel is being used by Volkswagen to transform our classic trucks. Why purchase a company at today’s inflated prices when you can travel decades into the past and get them on the cheap with insider knowledge? No, but seriously Jim spotted by this truck at a local festival. It’s used by a carnival company to transport rides and other equipments from event to event. Jim spoke with the driver and learned this rig was a former Wal-Mart truck and has a Detroit Series 60 engine. Purchased five years ago the truck gathers around 10,000 miles a year and never sees the roads of winter. According to the driver they plan to have it for at least another decade if not longer. And yes, the most popular question he receives is by people wondering what model VW it is.


Thanks to Jim for sharing!

Source: Volkswagen denies planning a bid for U.S. Paccar

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