New Mack Truck Smell

Now that we’ve gorged ourselves on vintage iron for over three days let us take a moment to review the trucks that help pay the bills and keep the Mack name alive on the roads of today. At this point in time I would like to point out that in conjunction with the ATHS, ATCA and SPAAMFAA, Mack Trucks bankrolled the entire Trucktoberfest activities including free drinks, snacks, a lunch, goody bags and a nifty challenge coin all free of charge to registered attendees. Never mind the fact they opened the door to their facility and let the truck obsessed loons like myself run all over the place like it was home. After listing to a few Mack representatives speak during lunch it was apparent that “truck people” still work in the company and take pride it what they do. Very refreshing in the age of bean counting and over hyped corporate strategies and buzzwords. A big thank you to Mack and their volunteers as well as the volunteers mentioned from the groups above.

Wandering around the back of the Customer/Test/Mod Center I found a variety of new trucks waiting for customer delivery. Mixed among the new rigs were what I assume to be test rigs? Not really sure, a few looked they more than a couple miles under their belt. A handful of NG powered Pinnacles in both the compressed and liquefied varieties were available for inspection.

Mack Trucks

We all know Granites are the current heavy duty truck in the Mack lineup but this special setup makes the majority of them look like puny pickups. Spokes wheels in the year of our Lord 2015. And tall rubber at that. Loved it. Too bad it was labeled for export only.

Mack Granite

Loogit! A plow! Destination Lower Saucon Township, PA

Mack Granite Plow

Waaaaaay out in a back lot were show trucks were loading/unloading I found this trio of Mack Granites with super set back axles and wearing M-Drive HD lettering, the Mack Truck in house heavy duty automatic transmission.

Mack M-Drive HD

Once again with so many trucks I figured I would take a video. Watch as I wander and make generally uniformed comments and observations especially when I mention that the plow truck has a one way plow which it clearly does not. Anyway, you’ll get to see the inside of a TerraPro, a few Pinnacles, a set forward Pinnacle with Rawhide trim package and the Granite plow.

Tomorrow, the fun continues with the trucks of Mack Defense. Some real wild rides in this bunch. Make sure to check them out!

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