New, Newer, Old

The age of the Star Car as the plow chassis of choice continues on, unbridled by no man or force of nature. Here we see the latest edition to the Village of Minoa DPW fleet. They picked up a WS 4700 with a Heil packer about a year ago and I’m fairly certain a year before that a 4700 single axle plow truck. This particular truck comes equipped with American plows and a Strong Box (?) brand roll off body.

Back in early March when snow was intolerable but still expected I came across a few trucks from the Town of Manlius Highway Department. I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of this little International of theirs for sometime now.

And my personal fav, one we’ve seen many times, truck 212 of the Syracuse DPW. Here we see it parked on Salina Street a few days before St. Patricks Day. I was hoping to catch some street cleaning action for the yearly parade but low and behold the night shift guys took care of it. I’m very disappointed. This new level of efficiency and common sense is cramping my style.

And here is a bunch of other stuff that is self explanatory. 🙂

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