Road Boss 2

Well, I was going to make a joke about the name Road Boss 2 sounding like a movie squeal title until I realized I already made that joke four years ago in this post. I guess it’s time for some new material. Based on the two tone greet paint job I would peg this truck as a former Suit Kote tractor. It’s possible in its later years with the company it was converted to a dump and probably used a site truck. Or maybe the dumper came along with the second or third owner. Yet another mystery of time and space that will go unsolved.

For all you White GMC/Volvo experts out there can you tell us if the green pencil graphic on this truck was a factory scheme or was that Suit Kote original? Here we see it on another truck of their fleet.

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  1. joe says:

    Hi Eric. When I worked for Madison County and we did large oil & stone resurfacing projects, Suit-Kote would provide the oil. In those days, they would show up to the projects with tandem distributor and feed tank trailers being pulled by these Road Boss 2 tractors and Ford LNT-9000 tractors. If I remember right, they had Cummins 903 V8’s in them.

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