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Have you ever exited the Interstate because you saw one of those blue information signs that promised a gas station or food only to find out the actual destination is miles away? I don’t know about you but it happens to me all the time. My trip to the Stadium International Binghamton branch was like this. I was returning from the ATCA Northeastern PA truck show when I noticed that Stadium International was listed as local attraction for the exit 2B region of 81. A truck dealer listed as an attraction? It’s about time  this happened! Three miles later with 81 fading into the distance it was time to check out the local Southern Tier truck action.

Speaking to the strength of International in the municipal market the lot was jammed full with various county, town and state trucks. Much like this lime green Cortland County Workstar.

Cortland County International Workstar – Click to Enlarge

A few spots down was this Chenango County truck. Also a Workstar.

Chenango County International Workstar – Click to Enlarge

And from south of the border this Penndot Workstar.

Penn DOT International Workstar – Click to Enlarge

One big plus for truck spotters about this dealer location? No fenced in back lot. Everything hangs out right by the road. Oh yeah, a few Paystars were on hand but they will have to wait for another day.

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