Not Sure When This Will End

Right about now I’m thinking winter is never going to end. It is currently March 24th and the forecasted high for today will be lucky to hit the low 30’s. That’s some B.S. right there. Guess we’ll have to take the good with the bad and look some plows. Here is one from January third when winter was still cool and fun.

NYSDOT Mack Granite

A few weeks later on January 24th I took this photo of a new Western 4700 at Tracey Road Equipment. I was still on good terms with winter at this point.

Western Star 4700 Snow Plow

On Valentines Day I spied this WorkStar for the Madison County Highway Department at Stadium International. I was still OK with winter at this point but starting to think about seeing other people.

International WorkStar

Entering last week it seemed like hope was on the horizon and machines like this Cat 966G at the local CSX yard would become unnecessary for another year. Wrong answer. Try again.

Cat 966G Wheel Loader

In the gallery below we have a brand new single axle Mack Granite for parts unknown, current and new Western Stars for the NYSTA along with an International WorkStar, a very rare truck in the form of the only Mack in the employ of Onondaga County DOT, a Volvo VHD for the #1 Giants Fan, Western 4900’s for Oswego County and Town of Scipio.

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2 Responses to Not Sure When This Will End

  1. joe says:

    Ahh…the elusive Onondaga County truck #134 Mack Granite. Funny, Jeff just sent me some pictures of this truck last week after seemingly no one had actually seen this truck!

    Nice shot of Madison County truck #22 Workstar. The truck actually looks pretty tough for a modern unit. When I started there, #22 was a 1963 Walter FGBS with Waukesha gas power, soon replaced by a 1993 steel nose White-GMC WG64B. Time sure does fly by!

    • Eric says:

      When it rains it pours! I agree on the WorkStar, funny how the look can vary from one truck to the next considering they are mostly the same model no matter where you go.

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